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Become a Horse Logger.

If you have clicked on this page then obviously becoming a horse logger may be something you are thinking about and perhaps the next few paragraphs will help take that thought further.

Obviously the first thing we are going to tell you to do is to join the British Horse Loggers, a sensible place to start. By joining you will be able to get our quarterly newsletter which as well as having current news and articles keeps you up to date with any events or training courses we are running.  Come along to as many events and training courses as you can. The courses we run offer excellent learning opportunities and will give you a taster as to whether it is something you would like to take further.  At the very least though it is an opportunity to meet like minded people. Membership of the BHL also allows you access to our very competitive insurance scheme should you go all the way and start to work a horse of your own in Forestry. 

Find your closest Heavy Horse Society, there is one in most regions of the country and go along to their events too. You don't have to own a horse to belong. These will also giveyou the chance to chat to people who perhaps already own a working horse. You get to see a mixture of breeds at events like these and it may help you when you come to make the decision on what type of horse you would like to work with.
If you can get along to some of our events you will meet people already working horses in Forestry. They are always happy to talk about their work and can fill you in on all the pro's and con's. A few people offer training courses in Horse Logging and again these offer a taste of what it could be like but you really need to build on that before you go it alone.
The British Horse Loggers Charitable Trust offer an apprenticeship scheme and aim to take on one person a year if possible. If you are not able to go down that route then volunteer.  Seek out someone already working horses in the woodland and spend some time with them. You might only be grooming, harnessing and chaining timber up at first but if you persevere in time you may build up to a point of trust where you will be able to take the lines and drive the horses. Completely rewarding and it begins to make the dream a possibility.
A good book to find is "The Horse in the Forest" by Hans Sidback.  ISBN: 9157647623.  Hans can be contact directly via

It is not an easy path to choose and the work does not come easily but on the days you have your own horse working in a woodland it is just the best of feelings.  So call us, email us, any of us will be happy to help.

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Below  are the current training courses on offer from the BHL to help you become, or improve as a horse logger.  To register on a course please complete and return this form.  Terms and conditions can be found and printed here.  Courses and Training Opportunities offered by members can also be found on our adverts page.  

1 day Horse Logging Taster days in 2016

These will be geared towards members and non-members who don't have horses of their own but would like to 'have a go' with a working horse. £50 for members, £80 for non-members (includes a years free membership).  We will put you in touch with a working horseman closest to you who can offer these days then a date can be organised to suit both. This date will then be advertised on the BHL website so it would be possible for others to join if they wish.
For booking and further more information please contact Kate Mobbs-Morgan on 07986 337205 or email
Next Date Saturday 10th December 2016 We can offer B&B and a working day on Sunday in the woods at extra cost of £50
Auldgirth, Dumfries DG20UB
Steffi or Dave 01387740945


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