Month: June 2018

Pole Arch

Pole arch for moving very heavy pieces of timber. The load is lifted using a ratchet pulley and a pair of tongs, then secured with chains. Hitching is by swingle tree and chain. It requires an experienced horse of suitable stature, or can be pulled by a pair. It may be used in combination with a Scandinavian style arch to provide better control of the load, especially downhill.

Width overall about 1.8m, arch height 1.2m approx, weight estimated at 200 kg. Partly dismantles for transport, but difficult to fit into a small trailer.

Ex-hire model, lightly used, bearings apparently sound.

Sale price £1,000 or available for weekly hire. Buyer to collect.

Contact Julian Philipson 01669 650117 or

Pole Arch 1