Month: August 2018

Horse Harness

 Job lot….Horse Harness’s

  1. Aaron Martin Pairs set biothane spotted Draft harness complete hames, polestrap attachment,bridles and driving lines. Very good condition. £850
  2. Aaron Martin Pairs set biothane spotted cob/horse harness, complete with stainless steel hames, pole strap attachment, shaft attachment, leather bridles and driving lines plus 2 collars , 22-23″ adjustable and 24″ both leather as new  £1000

For more info please  contact  Jim Johnstone    07984 901304  (Dumfries)

Introductory Horselogging Course 2019

British Horse Loggers will be running a course on horselogging for 5 days starting Mon 25th  March 2019 in the vicinity of Chelmsford.

The objective of this course is to provide an intensive introduction to the skills required by a horselogger so that participants have the skills to be immediately useful in the wood, though completion of the course will not in itself equip candidates to start work as independent horseloggers.  Participants who wish to carry on into a career in horselogging can apply for a limited number of work experience placements and undertake BHL’s programme of further development which is intended to equip new entrants over the course of about a year with the basic skills needed to start independent contracting.

The topics to be covered include

  • equine care and welfare; fitness for work
  • grooming and harnessing the horse for forestry work
  • different harness, different equipment and their uses
  • hands-on experience of horse extraction under realistic conditions
  • safety at work and risk assessments
  • woodland management
  • effective work practices

Tuition will be by an experienced and successful horselogging contractor and participants will be limited to a maximum of four to ensure personal attention tailored to previous knowledge. You will receive lunch and drinks each day, and a copy of “The Horse in the Forest” by Hans Sidback.

The introductory course may still be undertaken as a leisure activity by anyone willing to participate fully in a demanding and challenging process, but priority will be given to those with serious interest in a career in the trade.

The cost of the course will be £690. Grant assistance may be available to committed applicants.

To seek additional information about the course and about grants please contact Julian Philipson on 01669 650117 or at .